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Why Phresh Gourmet?

At Phresh we are committed to preparing and delivering the kind of food that we love to eat ourselves, whether you just want to eat healthy or can't find the time to prepare meals because of your busy schedule, Phresh Gourmet is your one-stop-shop for lunch or dinner meals.  Each meal you order is prepared PHRESH, never frozen, by a professional chef and we make it our business to only use produce grown with care by LOCAL farmers.  


Anybody can deliver meals but we believe that our philosophy and quality foods separates us from the rest. We work so hard to make every meal fresh, beautiful, and delicious. We know that it makes a difference. The team at Phresh Gourmet is committed to supporting our community by helping you reach your health goals whether they be big or small.

Healthy living made easy!



Our food products are carefully sourced and received each day, from the highest quality food purveyors in town, including local farms. Regular quality assurance visits to all suppliers are made by our Culinary Officers and purchasing partners in order to ensure compliance. Always fresh, never frozen, our meals are prepared from scratch every day under the supervision of our Culinary Officers.

When you take a bite of a Phresh meal, know that your food was grown with care on American soil at a farm not far from you!  We have fresh produce delivered to our kitchen weekly, and each vegetable or fruit is thoroughly inspected for ripeness and quality.

Eat Good.  Live Phresh.


How much time are you spending grocery shopping, prepping meals, cooking and then cleaning up? When you can do something more productive or fun. All meals are COOKED fresh & delivered. We provide scheduled delivery. Meal delivery will arrive between 12-8 PM every Sunday. 



Phresh Gourmet deliver healthy meals right to your door


BPA Free Containers

Meals are already cooked and conveniently packaged in oven-safe containers, all you need to do is heat and eat. Our containers are:

- BPA-free
- Microwaveable
- Reusable


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