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Meals for Seniors Delivered to Your Doorstep

Senior Meal Delivery by Phresh Gourmet  


Phresh Gourmet is pleased to provide home delivered meals for seniors. Our senior meals feature nutrient rich, and hearty meals a day, all delivered right to your home – all you have to do is put the microwave-safe containers in your refrigerator and heat one up at meal time to eat.

  • All of our senior meals are low fat, low calorie and low in salt but high in nutritional value

  • We let the natural flavors do the talking, choosing flavors over chemical substitutes

  • Our menu is inspired by many cuisines, including Asian, Continental, South American and Mediterranean and much more.

Fresh and Ready- Made


Phresh Gourmet offers seniors something that would otherwise be impossibly demanding – a regular, reliable diet prepared from scratch with only the very best natural ingredients.

Healthy and Sustainable 


Our meals for senior citizens contain everything you need for a healthy, sustainable and nutrient-packed diet. Our senior meal plans are based on cuisines from around the world.



For less than $10 a meal we deliver right to your home, our senior food delivery service takes all the work out of maintaining a healthy diet in your senior years. That is inexpensive even before you think about the cost of getting to the store and the effort you would need to put into cooking!


Meal Delivered to Your Door


You do not need to slave over the stove or even head out to the store – we send you everything in microwave-safe containers once a week, so all you have to do is choose what you want and heat it up.Varied and Exciting Menu.

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